Sunday, February 25, 2018

Social Ministries


God’s Work – Our Hands

January collections:

Doorstep—canned soup

Rescue Mission—cough drops

Any of these items may be placed in the wooden bin outside the Worship Center.

Thanks to all who helped with the Christmas Store. God bless you for taking time out
of your busy schedule to help our 250 neighborhood families
who were in need of help.

In February, it is time to stock the Doorstep food pantry.
We will collect food for the month, and members will
have the opportunity to help in the clothing
bank on Wednesdays. Thanks for all you do for

Do you knit, crochet or do
machine knitting? Consider making and donating a prayer shawl to the OSLC ministry.
The shawls are provided to members and friends in need of healing and support. The
shawls may be any size and shape. Sample patterns are available at the Welcome
Center. For more information on how you can help with this ministry, contact Pat Dunavan



The Social Ministries Committee will meet on the third Thursday of each month at 7 pm. If you have any interest in participating on this committee, please join us that evening. Contact Regina if you have any questions.

Pop Tabs for Ronald McDonald House
A basket for aluminum pop tabs is located on the wooden collection box near the west entrance to the church.

Box Tops for Education
You can help your schools just by clipping a little coupon off the package of so many things that you buy and use around your home. Cereal of all sorts, Pillsbury, Yoplait, Hamburger Helper, Old El Paso, Betty Crocker, Kleenex, Ziploc products and more have little red/pink coupons on them. Please take a an extra moment and clip these to help make our schools better. A collection basket for these coupons is located on the wooden collection box near the west entrance to the church. A list of products is on the bulletin board at the church.

Soup Labels for Shaner Elementary School A collection basket for these coupons along with the Box Tops for Education is located on the wooden collection box near the west entrance to the church.

Lutheran World Relief

The last session of the season to tie quilts will be Thursday, September 14th. We plan to start tying again after the first of the year. During the weekend of September 30/October 1st, the quilts will be on display in the worship center.

Service at Oak Creek

Our Savior’s will again provide a worship service for the residents of Oak Creek Senior Living on Sunday, ___________. All members are welcome to join us.