Friday, November 15, 2019


This month Ill be finishing up with my Wednesday evening study of Heaven. In this month of Thanksgiving, Id like to thank all who have been a part of the discussion. Your questions, your insights and your wonderings have really helped make this class something special.

I realize, of course, that any conversation about Heaven is going to eventually involve a lot of speculation, because we really dont know a lot about what is waiting for us. But there can be no denying that its fun to imagine, fun to dream.

One bit of speculation which we wont be talking about in class, but which I thought Id share with you here, is, “What season will it be in Heaven?
Theres no way we can answer a question like that until we actually get to Heaven, but lets imagine for a moment.

Some might imagine Heaven to be an eternal slice of springtime, with warming days, budding plants and everything coming back to life again. Spring can be such a lovely season, so why wouldnt Heaven reflect that, as well?

Others, such as myself, might like to think of Heaven as a perfect summers day. Maybe without all the bugs and humidity, though! Just the thought of one of your best barefoot summer days being played out in Heaven is awfully irresistible.

Certainly, there arent as many who think of Heaven as being locked in winter. Maybe skiers, or those who particularly like the pleasure of being in a warm and cozy room while a storm rages outside.

But John of Damascus, a Byzantine monk who died in December of 749, once wrote that he thought it would always be autumn in Heaven. Because autumn is the time of fulfillment, the time of harvest—the time when God gathers in all his saints.

That certainly fits with our celebration and reflection this month, beginning with All SaintsSunday on November 2 3, when we will particularly remember all the saints who have already been gathered in, and even more particularly, those saints who are near and dear to us. Though I know that day will always carry a certain sadness with it, I also think theres comfort to be found in knowing that our loved ones are already with God.

This kind of theme could easily continue all throughout this month, all the way through Christ the King Sunday on November 23 24, when we will share a story from Lukes gospel about Jesuspromise of paradise from the cross.

For, even as this year begins to wind down, we are put in mind of the promise of new life. There is good reason to have hope and to have joy,
for we are all in Gods hands.

May you have a blessed November!

Peace and love,
Pastor Jim