Thursday, August 16, 2018


 Why does everyone need bread and water?
Because loaf makes the world go ‘round.
Why was the baker so grumpy?
He woke up on the wrong side of the bread.
Why doesn’t bread like warm weather? It gets too toasty. Ouch!
Who knew that this new season was
going to start out so painfully? Seriously, though, we’re in
that cycle of the church’s lectionary where, towards
the end of the summer, we’ll have a series of five
gospels from the gospel of John on the topic of Jesus
as the bread of life. It’s all going to start the weekend of July 28/29, so
get ready for it! And while I’m not going to promise to preach every Sunday on bread
throughout that time (which I did once already), I’m sure I’ll find something to say
about it! But you’ll find that there’s a bread theme that’s going to run for the whole summer in our
church. Because bread is meant to remind us of the many ways that God continues to care
for us and provide for us. And that includes“Everything included in the necessities and
nourishment for our bodies,” as Martin Luther reminds us in his Small Catechism. And that
goes far beyond simply the food on our plates, or the food we may be growing ourselves in our
gardens throughout this summer. As I hope you’ll see, God is always doing something to
feed us, even throughout the times when he is also challenging us to do better. And so it is
right and proper for us to give thanks to him for all of these things.
God also continues to invite all of us into a new relationship
with him, which is just another way for him to “feed” us. And I
think we will find that this relationship is not some “pie in the
sky, by and by,” but can be found right where we are this
summer: on vacation, at a backyard barbecue, dipping your
toes into the neighborhood swimming pool. As we work and play, walk and
rest throughout this season, God is inviting us to enter into an even deeper faith.
And I really hope you will take him up on it!
Have a blessed June!
Peace and Love!
Pastor Jim
P.S. When does bread rise?
When you yeast expect it to.
Couldn’t resist!