Saturday, December 16, 2017


Little Free Library

There is now a bench beside the little free library to enjoy taking a seat to read some of our community books.

FLOCK Program! You are now a member of a flock at OSLC.

Flocks are essentially a communication tool to better connect members of the congregation, help prayerfully support each other, and provide a method to help new members become involved in the life of the church.

You have been contacted from your flock leader and should know the names of the others in your flock. Each flock will stay in touch via face to face contact, emails, and phone. None of the flocks will be exactly the same. Each flock will decide what works best for its members, and this may change as the group evolves over time.

Some flocks may set up a calling tree to notify members if one of the members of the flock is in need of help or support. A flock may decide to provide a meal for a member during an illness. If you notice that one of the members of your flock has been absent from church for a few weeks or if you learn that someone in your flock is ill, share this information with your flock leader. We hope the flocks will become a friendly and welcoming

The Outreach Committee meets once a month on the 4th Tuesday at 6 pm in the church conference room. Your feedback is welcomed and valued!