Monday, June 1, 2020

Parish Nurse Notes

Nurses are taught to use the nursing process while in
school or working.
One part of the process is evaluation of our interventions and making adjustments.
I have evaluated the first year of OSLC parish ministry and this
is what I found.
1. Blood pressure screenings were well attended and
appreciated. A blood pressure machine was donated by
Nancy Burklund. Blood pressure screenings will occur in
the concourse starting in January on the 4th weekend as
2. Adult Education offering Faith and Health in the
Biblewas well received.
3. The Parish Nurse having church hours during the week
appears to not be a need at this time and have been
Goals for 2020:
1. Increased focus on presence, being with another,
walking along side another or traveling the persons
journey. Increased outreach to homebound & longterm
care church members.
2. Being available as an advocate.
3. Provide AED refresher training to congregation. TBD
4. Adult education class Courage for CaregiversTBD

Barb will be available at the church for blood pressure screenings on the fourth weekend of the month both Saturday & Sunday before and after services in the conference room.

She can be reached at 785-408-4114 (IM or voice), at, or you may leave a message with the church office or in her box in the Fellowship Hall.

The Focus of Parish Nurse Ministry is…
Promoting health and wellness
Caring for the “whole” person.
Making referrals as appropriate. (This is not a substitute for physical health care).
Bringing wholeness and healing to the faith community.
Educating, supporting and counseling all members

Some of the services a parish nurse can provide are….
Referrals to appropriate support services, support and prayer during times of crisis, grief
and celebration.
Health education and promotion. Support to members on health-related issues in
a confidential manner.
Home, hospital and nursing home visits, as needed.

Barb Keil, RN, is the Parish Nurse for OSLC. Stop by the display in the concourse.