Tuesday, May 21, 2019


Our Savior’s Lutheran Church ministers to others in a variety of ways. We strive to not only reach out to our church community, but to the Topeka community and to the world. By use of our time, talents and monetary gifts, we are making a difference in the lives of others. We invite you to join us in this ministry.


Time and Talent

God has given us all many spiritual gifts.   This may assist you in discerning what your spiritual gifts are and possible ways to use them in service to God.

1) Print out the “Service Opportunities” document but do not complete at this time.

2)  Download the Spiritual Gift Inventory if you have Excel 2007 or newer.

3)  Open the file and select an answer from the dropdown list (click on the little arrow next to the box to open).  Scroll or arrow down to answer all of the questions.  After you have them all completed continue to scroll down and you will see the list of Spiritual Gifts along with your scores.  Your highest scores should be highlighted in Green.

4) Write your highest Spiritual Gifts and any Special Noted Interests on the “Service Opportunities” paper you printed.  You can then close the Excel file and complete the remaining items on the paper.

Please be sure and return the form to the church and put in the box in the fellowship area or in the Stewardship mail slot. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Bruce Krueger, Pat Dunavan, Lynda Weaver, or Pastor Jim.

Thank you and we hope you find this enlightening.